It all begins with the capture.

The Freq Zone is a premier recording studio in Jacksonville / North East Florida.  

In the moment

From the source all the way through to the destination we have you covered with an unbelievable signal chain. This allows you to get the best result possible right from the very beginning. 

Attention to detail starts from the very beginning with our high-end:

  • Microphones
  • Preamplifiers
  • Analog to digital conversion

We don't cut corners or compromise. We have everything you need to capture the very best of your performance.

Quad Red

Worry Free

You shouldn't have to worry about anything except giving a great performance. Our studio has a vibe that screams creativity and our studio is acoustically designed to sound great. We also have a dedicated, acoustical air conditioning system, so your days of sweating in a converted closet while getting vocal takes are over.